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Pavement Drainage

Surface and Subsurface Drainage systems are a key component in keeping our roadways safe and insuring the long-term performance of the roadways. The Federal Highways estimate that every dollar spent on roadway drainage will be saved two-fold in maintenance cost down the road. Members of PDC can assist in all phase from Design to repair. Pavement Drainage Systems can typically be broken down in surface and subsurface systems.

Surface Drainage Systems includes all systems that handle surface water runoff from ditches, entrance pipes, storm drains, and cross drains. PDC and its parent company can handle all aspects from installation, quality control, evaluation, cleaning, and repair.


Quality Control

Assessment and Structural Evaluation


Subsurface Drainage Systems

Subsurface drainage systems are not just limited to roadways but includes airport runways, auto racing tracks, thoroughbred racing tracks, and occasional golf course or athletic fields.

PDC specializes in all phases of subsurface pavement drainage from design, installation, quality control, evaluation, flushing/jetting, and repair.




Quality Control


Flushing / Jetting