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PDC Pipeline Drainage Consultants - Helping To Establish New QC and QA Testing Methods and Technologies (Laser Profiling, Crack and Joint Measurement) in The Storm Drain Industry

Pipeline and Drainage Consultants is currently working with several DOT's and equipment manufacturers to bring new laser profiling, laser deflection, and laser crack and joint measurement technologies to the storm and sanitary market. This new technology is taking the guess work out of video inspection, allowing the Engineer to quickly determine structures that will need repaired or removed prior to final acceptance. It is evident that these new testing methods are having an impact on quality control across the board from the pipe manufacture, transporter, and the installer. It is anticipated this will result in an increase in service life of our drainage structures.

New Project

PDC is working with several agencies around the United States in providing assistance in evaluating damaged drainage structures in both new and existing systems. Projects included detailed video and laser profiles of both rigid and flexible structures. Detailed two and three dimensional plots are generated to determine maximum deflection and overall pipe shape. Profile information is typically used to determine the levels of corrective action that may be needed.